Newspapers Are Old News

newspapers-are-old-newsThe accepted way to market your property in the past has been a mixture of newspaper advertising, mail drops & street front signage. As the years have moved on and online advertising has become more prominent, the attitude from most real estate agents towards advertising has stayed the same.

Sellers are still being made to pay for paper advertising that is effectively advertising the real estate agency, not necessarily the property. The downsides of newspaper advertising are:

  • The main edition is printed once a week
  • It is only effective for the day it is printed, then it lands in the bin
  • It is expensive in comparison to other media
  • You are limited to the information that you can fit in your allocated print size
  • There is no ability to sort or save properties
  • There is no interaction between the potential purchaser and the advertisement
  • The house hunter is required to buy the newspaper and pay for the privilege to look at your property
  • The potential market is limited to the number of physical newspapers printed on that day

That’s why at Custom Realty Group we list every property on every main Internet advertising portal and social media site, at no cost to the seller.

This is not a special, it is not a one-time offer, it is our standard service for every property. With studies showing that 90% of all enquiries are generated from Internet adverts, we think it is obvious that we should focus 90% of our advertising and effort towards this medium. So when you list with a Custom Realty Agent you will get the most effective marketing plan for your property. Contact us today for a free market appraisal.

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