Management Rights – Be the Sales Agent

At Custom Realty Group we understand that in the world of Management Rights it is important to maintain your rental pool while providing a high level of service to your clients. As you have a close working relationship with the current owners it would be reasonable to expect that when they made the decision to sell you would be the first person they would talk to be the Sales Agent. At the moment, some Management Right owners feel the need to outsource the sales process to an external real estate agent. This can be a risky strategy as your chosen real estate agent may not have your, or your clients, best interest at heart and they may pay you a small percentage of their commission as a referral fee. As a Management Rights Owner, you can be the Sales Agent.

It is logical that the best person to conduct the sale is the person who:

  • currently has a working business relationship with the Seller.
  • is on-site and is able to conduct private inspections with the minimum of fuss.
  • can provide Property Management for the new Owner.
  • has extensive knowledge of the property.
  • has a vested interest in the outcome of the sale.
  • has full access to the property.
That person is YOU! Management Right owners are in the perfect position to take control of the sales within their complexes in association with Custom Realty Group. You can earn up to 100% of the sales commission and have access to all of the tools that you need to get started straight away. Even if you are currently selling property on behalf of your clients, you may be losing a significant proportion of your commission or being charged for every property that you list. By joining Custom Realty Group you can provide your clients with all of these options as standard:

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