What qualifications do I need to join Custom Realty Group?

Do you give your agents a target to reach a certain marketing budget per month?

How many sites do your listings appear on?

What if I want to sell another CRG agents listing?

Do I have to pay the settlement fee?

Is there an initial cost to join Custom Realty Group?

Who uploads the properties onto the real estate portals?

Do you have suppliers for floor plans, photos, video footage plus all other relevant marketing avenues?

Which conveyancer do you use?

Do you have a finance broker?

How do I get paid my commissions?

Do you have a trust account?

Can I switch between the 60%, 80%, 90% or 100% plans?

How much does your professional indemnity insurance cover?

Which states are you currently licensed in?

Do you have access to a printer for me to print multiple brochures/booklets?

Do we have access to the office out of hours?

Should I wish to terminate my agreement with Custom Realty Group, what is the process?

Do you have a desk and boardroom which I can utilize?

What if the vendor doesn’t want to pay for marketing?

Who pays for title searches and CTS searches?

What areas can I work in or am I limited to a certain region?

What information shows on my listings on or